Many seasons after the war between the mountain cats and the clans, StarClan had vanished, and a new prophecy had been told to a young apprentice who saved the clans from destruction. The apprentice who is later named Darkstar had been the leader of the new clan DarkClan. Ripplestar of RippleClan had been named leader after the death of his father Reedstar. Ashstar was named Breezestar of BreezeClan. Then, Cloudtail had become Strikestar of StrikeClan. The world had changed, but MoonClan, the newest version of StarClan had told a kit about what was coming. "The death from the forest will rise again, and all cats will soon be gone. Only you can be the next hero. You must defeat what the clans have to offer. It is worse than anything the clans have seen. Get ready..."

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The First Cover Is Currently Being Made!!!

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