The Last Heroes is a fan made series made by the site creator- Lightningfire. The Last Heroes has six books like all other series in the Warriors Books. The Last Heroes is about a medicine cat named Auradream that gives up her position to be leader after they find out about their fraud leader- Blackstar. Then, with an unlucky change, the forest is burnt down and the clans must move far away to a new forest. When they find the new forest, Aurastar goes to the Moonfield and hears of the trouble that is coming. The next day, twolegs come and take the two leaders- Aurastar and Lightningstar away. So then Ashstar and Reedstar, leaders of WindClan and RiverClan go on a quest to find out what they can do to save the two leaders. The clans must thrive without the leaders, and two leaders must find the other two leaders to finally let the forest live in peace. But what will stop them throughout their adventure?

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The cover for the first book is coming soon!

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